Have you ever wished you could

Level up your editing game because you have so many innovative portrait ideas but aren’t sure how to make them a reality

Create portraits that stand out as works of art not just another portrait that anyone could take

Have more creative control when you’re editing photos without endlessly scrolling YouTube for a tutorial that’s actually useful

Work Photoshop magic and retouch images like you’ve seen on Instagram with ease

I get it. I’ve had a deep passion for photography and a desire to learn photo editing since middle school.

I took the long, slow 15-year process of teaching myself Photoshop. 

I desperately wanted the tools to take what was in my imagination and turn it into a magical portrait. Because I didn’t know the names of these techniques, I couldn’t just search for them. I had to dig through videos until I found one that taught me what I actually wanted to learn. 

Thankfully, I’m stubborn and had nothing but a desire to learn and a love for creating art, so I worked until I finally had the skills I wanted. But that’s not the path I recommend others take!

The good news is you don’t have to take 15 years to learn what I did! Shortcut the process and get to the fun stuff FAST–– like 3 hours fast!

Recreate the magical images in your imagination

Create a unique style that makes you stand out in the marketplace

Uplevel your editing skills and raise your rates



Ruthie's Magical Camera

Retouching hair

Smoothing skin and removing blemishes

Add depth with custom shadows and highlights

Ruthie's Magical Camera
Color Grading

Change colors of items

Make remote color adjustments

Develop bold, saturated colors

Complete creative control of your colors

Ruthie's Magical Camera
Magical Transformation

✨Create realistic compositing

Add textures to backgrounds

Incorporate graphics

✨Create floating objects

What you need

✨A laptop or desktop computer. This course is specifically for desktop Photoshop. Mobile versions do not have all of the same features.

✨An Adobe Photoshop subscription. They have a photography plan available for $19.99/month and it includes Photoshop and Lightroom.

✨A graphics tablet is not required but it makes the editing process faster.

This course is for you if

✨You love learning new skills

You want to create art that tells stories

You want bold, colorful, enchanting portraits

You’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop but have no clue where to start

You want an Instagram feed that people can’t stop talking about

You feel overwhelmed when searching for editing tutorials

Let's learn some magic!